Mapping the Environment
Southside Arts Complex
Collaboration with Nick Collier

Mapping the Environment was designed in response to an invitation by the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University to create an interactive artwork that explored concepts of art, science, and the environment.

The work was part of a larger series of exhibitions and events and was to be exhibited at the Southside Arts Complex, a community art center in a predominately African American neighborhood.

Recent reports revealed the center was in dire financial circumstances, and we aimed to design a low-tech data visualization piece that could generate outcomes in service to the art center.

The project consisted of a map of the city projected onto a wall. Based on where participants lived in town, they were given a colored marker and simply asked to trace everywhere they had been that day. Later the projector was turned off and revealed a beautiful line drawing.

In addition, viewers could analyze important data that showed not only where exhibition attendees lived, but how they moved around the city, if their route aligned with public transit maps, where the art center's outreach was absent or insufficient, and sites of potential relocation should the art center lose the lease on their space.