State School
Museum of Fine Arts
Florida State University

State School was an experiential learning program designed in response to the dissolving of the Florida Studies degree at Florida State University.

Inspired by the irony that you could no longer attend the state university and pursue focused study on the state itself, I designed an artwork that temporarily reinstated the program within the context of an art museum.

The project explored place and local identity through workshops on post-punk subcultures, fire ecology and longleaf pine ecosystems, and a guided field trip to the state photographic archive. The project included the "re-hiring" of faculty that had previously taught in the program.

The installation included modular furniture inspired by civic architecture from Florida. Tables, chairs, and benches were stored on the gallery wall and unhinged and constructed when the installation was activated by participants.

Even the typeface used was distinctly Floridian. Auggie Sans was designed by Florida native Mike Fretto, inspired by the hand-painted signage commonly seen at citrus markets in his hometown of Saint Augustine.