Where We Are
Collaboration with Nick Collier
Flier by Tess Bennett

Where We Are, Gaines St. Community Meeting was an attempt at civic engagement through creative and collective action. The eclectic neighborhood was under pressure from corporate development, large-scale housing projects, and a simultaneous uptic in the homeless population.

There were competing narratives around problems affecting the community and members were willing to offer meaningful experiences and conversations. However, most of them were happening in relative isolation.

In collaboration with artist Nick Collier, I facilitated a roundtable discussion with representative community stakeholders. After designing promotional materials and going door-to-door promoting the event, a two-hour meeting transpired, attended by business owners, the homeless, local artists, and representatives from city government.

The project was covered by the local media and prominently featured in the daily newspaper. Follow-up interviews with participants revealed recognizable results from specific concerns addressed at the meeting.